Who’s Donna

I’m excited and passionate about teaching and sharing yoga, and coaching you to lead a healthier and more balanced life. I started practicing yoga when I lived in Sydney (2005), starting with Ashtanga, then Bikram and Hot Flow Yoga.

Over the years, as my practise has developed and my body continually changes, I’ve fallen in love with; all types of Vinyasa Flow yoga and, most recently, with Yin yoga which is transforming my practise, my mobility and more of a sense of ease within my body and mind.

I’m a self-professed dream-chaser and, after a fairly serious car accident, I took the step to escape the corporate world and follow my ‘desert island dream’. I asked myself ‘why shouldn’t I do something I love every day?’.

It was a process that took a few years, but I put the wheels in motion and I set out to train as a yoga teacher – not knowing whether I’d teach for a living, but knowing that I really wanted to deepen my own practice and take the time to figure out what my passions were.


I think these words sum me up

  • Down to earth
  • Likeable
  • Grateful
  • Relatable
  • Genuine
  • Imperfect
  • Insecure (sometimes)
  • Happy (sometimes)
  • Sad (sometimes)
  • Vulnerable (everyday!)
  • Honest
  • Figuring it out. All over again. Every day

What Yoga means to me

Yoga’s most simplistic translation means UNION. The union of the self (a journey to heal & reunite all parts of yourself) and the union of individuals with the universe – a sense of us all being in this together, no separation from anything or anyone.

Yoga is an individual experience, although it’s great to practice in a group setting some of the time. To me it’s a life long journey of learning about yourself and it comes in many shapes and forms, meaning many different things to many different people. Yoga will adapt and grow and flow with you,

wherever you are, at whatever point you are, in your life.

For me, it brings me closer and closer to being able to truly be alive and present in every moment. Not stuck to the past with fear or the future with worry.

It teaches me everyday that I am not perfect. That making mistakes is part of the journey. Sometimes I can nail every pose I try and sit in meditation with (relative) ease, sometimes I can’t balance on one leg for a second. One of my teachers, Jason Crandell, says (something along the lines of) we use Yoga (asana) to get to know our body, we don’t use our body to ‘perfect’ a particular yoga pose. I love that. So simple and so true.

Yoga is a lifestyle. An attitude. It provides us with a daily opportunity to feel, learn and understand more about ourselves – providing us with the confidence to trust that there is no right or wrong way, only what feels good in any given moment.

My training

During my yoga training in Mexico, things started to move pretty quickly and I also studied Reiki (Level 1 & 2), I started my health coaching course, and after I finished in Mexico, I travelled on to Boston to deepen my study and love of Yoga Nidra.

I’ve since studied Pre & Post natal yoga teaching and how to teach/coach yoga to Sports professionals.

My experience

I’ve taught in London at my old PR agency, I’ve run retreats – managed, taught and coached – in Ibiza and The French Alps, with Soulshine Yoga (link www.soulshineretreats.com) and I’ve relocated to Bath where I’m teaching public classes at Yoga Bodhi (link www.yogabodhi.co.uk) and Cross Fit Bath (link www.crossfitbath.com) as well as private and small group classes in Larkhall, Bath.

My yoga teaching

I love teaching and feel it’s a true gift to be able to share what I love with other people. I teach Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Vinyasa Flow and Pre/Post Natal Yoga. I’ve trained with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Jason Crandell, Ellen De Jong (Baron Baptiste / Bryan Kest & Rod Stryker trained), Celest Perira and Jim Harrington.

However, my most influential teachers are my students. Every time I teach a class it’s different and I always learn something. I’m really enjoying how my teaching and practice develops as more and more people join my classes. I’ve been lucky enough to teach a wide variety of students, from complete beginners, to daily practitioners and established teachers, from snowboarders and skiers to Cross Fit enthusiasts and competitors, from new mum’s to my mum, family and friends.

My classes are suitable for all levels and include a mixture of pranayama, mindful movement to build strength, stability and mobility and inspiring poems and music.

What motivates me

I want to help you learn how to re-connect to your body, mind and your true spirit. Having experienced the reality of working in a fast paced and stressful environment for many years, I fully understand how hard it is to put your wellbeing first and to make time for yourself and your needs. I want to use my teaching and coaching to empower you to develop habits that support and work around your busy life – giving you a More Balanced Living approach. Ultimately helping you to feel MORE balanced, in control and aware of what will nourish you (from the inside, out) and what will help you feel content with your life, and help you feel less exhausted, stressed and down on yourself.

My coaching

I love feeling good. I love that feeling of truly being in the flow – when, even if everything isn’t going as you thought it might (or you thought you wanted), everything is flowing and you feel a sense of balance, a sense of knowing that everything will be ok and it’s all as it should be. I love living a healthier and ultimately happier lifestyle. Waking up and feeling good in my body and be tuned in to knowing when something is out of balance. I can help you, without having to find another 3 hours in your day, make small changes to your life which have a big impact on your wellbeing.

I will work with you to identify the areas in your life where you need support, guidance and accountability. Working to understand yourself, your core needs and what triggers you to do the good and the not so good things in your life. Identifying your dreams and goals and working step by step to achieve these and flourish in your ‘dream’ life.

Please contact me for further information or to discuss your needs >