Holistic Health Coaching…

My passion is helping you feel happy and balanced in all areas of your life, and as a certified Holistic Health Coach here is how I can help you…

To me, coaching are conversations that lead to accountable actions. As a holistic health coach, it’s my job to connect you back to yourself, helping you unlock the best version of you. Helping you to live, work and thrive from a place of balance, authenticity and flow.

I do this by getting to know you – providing a non-judgmental mirror to your habitual thoughts and beliefs about yourself, what you think you deserve and what you (think) can achieve.

My job as your coach is to mentor, support, challenge and encourage you. The result will be you feeling balanced, confident and happy with who you are, and empowered to make informed choices to help you reach your short and long term goals.

You will more than likely laugh and you quite possibly might cry – it’s a powerful process!


I won’t prescribe a one-size-fits-all diet or way of exercising, we’ll figure out a tailored, individualised program that meets your needs and empowers you to get back to your happiest and healthiest self and stay there. Relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality (not necessarily religion) are just as important to your health as the food you eat.

I believe that, deep down, we are our own health experts – we’ve just lost touch with feeling and sensing what is going on in our bodies and lost confidence in knowing what will best serve us.

I want to teach you to get back in touch with your instincts and your own ability to know and trust what you need each day. Understanding your habitual thoughts and beliefs, your physical cravings and how to balance these from day to day.

I’ll teach you how to feeling confident buying and cooking with wholefoods that provide flavour, nutrition, vitality and colour on your plate. But also, learning how to get out of the kitchen and apply this in the real world. I want to make nourishing your mind and body simple. Cooking and eating for health and digestion, with results that go beyond weight loss or looking good and leave you feeling more balanced and stable in the flow of your life and healthier and more energetic in your body.