Testimonials & Student Feedback

Here are a few words from some of my lovely students…

“Hi Donna, just wanted to say thank you for a great week in Morocco, yoga Nidra was awesome, still in a state of mind blown!
Great bunch of people to be away with and plenty of time to reflect and think. Just what I needed to begin getting my life back on track in a true, happy and fulfilling way. Thank you x” Phil, Attended Morocco Retreat, Bath – Nov 2017

“I really enjoyed my time away, especially learning a little more about yoga and feeling the benefits on my incredibly stiff body! I’ll certainly try and keep it up.” Lydia, CrossFit Coach, Bath – Nov 2017

“Thanks lovely lady for a wonderful time, you made every day so special and truely helped me achieve all that I set out to. One incredibly gorgeous human being and I’ll thank you everyday for all your support and kindness x”
Rachael, Attended Morocco Retreat, Bath – Nov 2017

“Hi Donna, I just want to thank you again for an amazing weekend it was really inspiring and for how different it has made me feel I really want to do it more…” Leeanna, Attended Bath Retreat, Bristol – Dec 2017

“After the first month of yoga classes with Donna I noticed a real difference in not only my mobility but also general wellbeing. The extra mobility has really helped my Crossfit training and being a bit more chilled and relaxed has helped life in general! I’m really looking forward to to where it will take me in the future and what new skills I might learn. Thanks Donna, it’s working!”
Martin, DJ/Producer & Crossfitter, Bath – Jan 2017

“Donna has been instrumental in opening my eyes to the world of Yoga, a fabulous teacher with a true gift for guiding her students.” James, CrossFit, Bath – Nov 2017

“I have really enjoyed Donna’s classes. As someone who had never done yoga before, she made it very easy to follow & learn. The specific movements learnt in the class have significantly helped my crossfit, weightlifting & day to day life. Dan, CrossFit, Bath – Oct 2016

“I was fortunate enough to spend a week with Donna at a Soulshine retreat in Ibiza. Having only taken a few sporadic yoga classes before my trip I was quite nervous about the daily practice however after my first class with Donna I knew I had nothing to fear. She created a calm and safe space for everyone to be and gave adjustments and variations to suit each one of us. The warmth and positivity that she gave with the practice added to the experience and by the end of the week I felt stronger, more confident and more grounded. The yin yoga and meditation was something I struggled with at first but Donna helped me turn those voices off in my head and focus on the relaxation.”
Emily, Student, London – Jun 2016

“Donna was fantastic at teaching yoga and made every day a brighter place.”
Stephanie, Sales Executive, Manchester – Feb 2016

“Yoga was inspiring, a very nice experience and I loved all the different classes.”
Pille, Personal Trainer, Tallinn – Mar 2016

“I tried Yin yoga for the first time with Donna and it was delicious. By the end of the class I felt relaxed, peaceful and a whole lot limber. I was on a snow/yoga retreat at the time and I have no doubt that it was thanks to her Yin yoga class that I did not experience any aching muscles from the snowboarding. It is a wonderful way to end a busy day.”
Catherine, Lawyer, London – Jan 2016

“Sometimes getting on to a good path can feel so difficult, but Donna just gets it. All of her guidance is realistic and helps me to make those adjustments that actually bring real change in your life. It’s so empowering to feel in control of your own well-being, and Donna is amazing at helping you get there!”
Megan, Actress, London – May 2015